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Novamation Studios
2516 Bemidji Ave N
Bemidji, MN 56601
218. 556. 3946

      Novamation Studios was founded in 2006 and has been providing professional video editing services to the greater Bemidji area ever since. Our goal is to provide you with the customized video solutions that you need, handling each project with as much courtesy, promptness, and quality as the last.

      Our services are custom-fit to your needs; if you need video, we can help.  Perhaps your home movies are out-of-order and decomposing in your basement. Perhaps you're looking for a commemorative DVD celebrating your grandmother’s accomplishments. Perhaps you hope to motivate your employees, or update and improve their safety or training lessons.

      Russian filmmaker Lev Kuleshov once wrote that editing actually defines the art of film: no other medium has anything that approximates it. In his vision, the film crew’s job is to collect high-quality clay; but it’s the editor who actually shapes that clay into bricks and assembles the building that the director first envisioned.

      We work hand-in-hand with corporations, schools, small businesses, and individuals, shaping business tools and crafting treasured family memories. Editing makes all the difference between an effective, engaging film and unformed clay. These tools are now in your hands; Novamation Studios is your local source for professional, affordable work custom-fit to your needs.